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GI 1300 extrusion coating and lamination machine

GI series extrusion coating lamination machine is an eco-friendly machine.The principle of the process is that the plastic resin (PE/PP) are plasticized by the screw and then extruded from the t-die. After being stretched, they are attached to the surface of the paper. After cooling and compounding, The paper has the functions of waterproof, oil proof, anti-seepage, heat sealing, etc. The whole machine consists of feeding device, extruder, t-die, unwinding part, compounding part, winding part, correcting device, corona, trimming device, Cooling system, electrical measurement and control system and other components. The whole production process does not use any chemical solvents, it is environmental protection and pollution-free, and the finished products are widely used in food packaging, such as disposable paper cups, cold drink cups, burger paper bags, paper lunch boxes, food paper bags, aviation cleaning bags and so on.



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